Judicial/Lawyer Immunity a Myth not LAW! Perjury a Felony!
Wed Jan 3, 2007 00:58

More victims are out there than you realize. Go to the web site http://www.apfn.org/apfn/du.htm  scroll down below the two Video's and see the section NEW with references to PDF's up on site on U.S. Supreme Court Case 06-382. Pull off the PDF's and read them for a better understanding.

Judiciary and Lawyers have violated FELONY LAWS too long to even begin to remember. Your case is a classic as was Case 06-382 up in the Supreme Court of the United Stats. Next STOP is CONGRESS and the Judiciary Committee to get this JUDICIAL IMMUNITY crap removed and hold everyone in America accountable.

You too can write, e-mail and call the Judiciary Committee, send e-mails to elected officials in Congress and demand the practice of IMMUNITY stop as it is contrary to laws Federal and State. Judges can cite any case law... but that is NOT LAW under Title 18 U.S. Code and Florida Laws. Go get the PDF's then understand how high you might have to take your own complaint --- CONGRESS !

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