I honor Every Veteran who dies with no hesitation!
Tue Jan 2, 2007 13:01


My honoring a former Navy Officer Gerald R. Ford, also a Carrier crewmember, is disturbing to only those who have not served perhaps. REST IN PEACE is all we can ask of anyone who have served.

How many other Presidential families have stood in lines to thank those who came to the Rotunda or anywhere else. Shows a lot of character of that Ford family and the respect they had for their mother and father. Missing today perhaps... but may come back again after these examples shown on World TV coverage.

You perhaps balk at the dangers of Depleted Uranium Weapon particles and no doubt think those who have ILD are stooges! That RIGHT to belief was because of Veteran's like Former Navy Officer Gerald Ford. Live with it! You enjoy the freedom to write, talk, speak and forget those Veteran's died for those rights.

Rest in Peace President Gerald Ford... You earned it!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
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