Free if ordered before Jan 1-solar to your home-
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Subject: Free if ordered before Jan 1-solar to your home-

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 01:37:59 EST

This is no joke--we have spoken to the company and as long as you follow directions (there is an incentive to reserve your solar equipment by the 1st of January) you may have it installed at NO charge to you!

Following is information on a solar panel that can be installed on your home at no charge, if ordered and the order postmarked by January 1, 2007. The system would be purchased at 40K if you had to purchase from suppliers. We were told the company mass produces and is therefore able to install the panels in a way that it is eventually profitable.

You are connected to the grid--a grid connected system. All expenses are paid by the company. Your meter runs in reverse during the day and there is a difference in your electrical bill at some point in time.

You should listen to the recording and decide for yourself. If you decide it is something you can use, please let us know and be sure to print the contract, sign, and postmark by the 1st of the year. Again, there is no charge to sign up with the company or the solar unit. Please review the website info, listen and watch the video and call into the conference call, ask questions and see if the panel interests you.

We normally do not send this type of mailing but wanted our friends to take advantage of this offer (free) by the 1st of January. If you have questions-email or call and if you decide to sign-up, please let us know as we will give you a name to place as the person who suggested the company to you. If you own several homes there is an entry for you to have the units placed at both homes.

The company also freezes (somehow, we don't understand everything exactly yet), your utility bill and I think eventually you get a check from the utility company.

You can listen to info on the company--

620-294-1186--call anytime-brief description

You can also listen and ask questions at this number--conference

712-432-3900 press 9700861--6:30 pm California time ---to view video w/Ed Begley Jr (environmentalist-son of Ed Begley Sr (actor)

There is also a compensation plan for those interested. Hoping this does not sound like a commercial but to the best of our knowledge you get the system installed on your home, the company handles the permits etc and are apparently making a huge attempt to help clean the air/environment etc. They should begin installation by Sept 2007. Our intention is to help those we care about as well as the environmental issue. You should save on your bill and hopefully that will help you and others. Thanks so much.

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