YOUTUBE VIDEO'S: Depleted Uranium: Connecting the Dots
Thu Dec 28, 2006 18:21

Depleted Uranium: Connecting the Dots
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Depleted Uranium Part 1 of 6

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Depleted Uranium Part 6 of 6

Dennis Kyne on Depleted Uranium —Dennis Kyne, Wed Dec 27


--------------------------------------- wrote:

Dear People of the USA:

In the spirit of peace and good faith I urge those of you who have access to the New World Order psychotic criminal George W. Bush to put the desire of his ego aside and give up the insanity of murdering President Saddam Hussein.

Contrary to the lie being spun on western zionist media the followers of President Hussein are in the millions. They are comprised of Sunni, Shiia, Christian and sections of Kurds and Turkomans. In addition to the Iraqis the whole of the Arab/Muslim world stands behind Saddam Hussein because he is seen as a great leader. The only ones that want Saddam dead are George W. Bush and the thugs he placed to run the puppet government in Iraq.

The effect of President Hussein's execution will be a great source of pain to the American people that will far surpass the ecstasy that the psychotic 'little bush' will experience with Saddam's murder. Surely the 'little bush' will smile and feel gratified but the rest of you will be made to pay the price in SPADES.

Are average Americans willing to shed blood for the psychotic pleasure of George W. Bush? Are Americans willing to see their boys and girls slaughtered because Bush has a wet dream to murder Saddam?

I urge every American to reflect on what is about to take place and to realise that only death and bloodshed will come from Bush's vendetta against Saddam. I urge to love yourselves and your children enough to save them from harms way. You know that Bush is a murdering alcoholic psycho member of the New World Order that seeks to destroy America and enslave all of its citizens. It is your duty to yourselves to stop the criminal in the whitehouse before he can cause any further harm.

Beat on the doors of the traitors that represent you in the Congress and Senate and tell them to stop President Hussein's execution immediately before any of your loved ones are harmed wherever they be in this world. Tell the traitors that represent you that if they don't do it they will pay a heavy price for their treason.

This is an appeal of good faith. Nobody has to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a furious backlash is coming from President Hussein's followers. They have all pledged in statements that I have shared with you to defend President Hussein and to be part of the resistance until all of the occupying troops are out of Iraq. The Baath Party issued a statement yesterday which clearly tells you that if President Hussein is executed American interests everywhere will be targeted. It is NOT a joke. Who the hell is America to impose itself on sovereign nations ? Would any of you like what America did to Iraq to be done to America?

I believe that most of you are dumbed down but basically good at heart. I believe that you love your children enough to stop the Bush bastard from executing President Hussein and that in time you will bring Bush to a courthouse somewhere to answer for all of his crimes against Americans and the world at large. I cannot be wrong about that because if I am it means that you are volunteering your boys and girls to be fed into a meat grinder.

The solution to America's problem in Iraq is simple. It consists of your telling your dictator president to release President Saddam Hussein to continue running Iraq and bring the troops- all the troops- home immediately. I assure you that if that happens no harm will come to your children. This situation is too important to be left in the hands of a genocidal psychopath George W. Bush and the band of traitors in the Congress and Senate. You - the American People- must take the reins to ensure that your boys and girls return home safely. If you fail to act there will be no place in this world where your children will not be targeted. Why should your children pay the blood price for the psychotic desires of George W. Bush?

In the interest of America's peace and security STOP BUSH FROM EXECUTING PRESIDENT HUSSEIN before it is too late.

May God guide you to the best of decisions.

Very truly yours,
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad


`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'


"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of
good conscience to remain silent" -- Thomas Jefferson

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