Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:05

Veteran Kyne:

Thank you for sharing what some have screamed about for a long time and more people are starting to listen. Those 660,000 PLUS fellow Veteran's will applaud your efforts and urge you GOD'S SPEED in getting the message out, especially to the UNITED NATIONS PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVES and please do contact ALL MEDIA, UN and Congress on this issue.

Ruth D. Bundy and I had asked the UN Permanent Representatives [ALL ON THEIR WEB SITE FOR THE UN WITH MAILING ADDRESSES AND FAX LINES OR PHONE LINES] to no avail. Perhaps you, Dr. Ed Ward and others can get through and be allowed to speak for 10 minutes on the danger of Depleted Uranium WORLDWIDE to not only Humanity but the Animals, Insects, Birds, Pets, Fish, Air and Water which will be contaminated to the point that massive deaths in the Millions will make DU the "American Plague of 2006" as we dubbed same. The BANNER for DU with Radiac Symbols can be modified at any Printer to add your web site, printing front and back 12X12 on Radiac Yellow teeshirts only makes the SINGLE COLOR 'BLACK' necessary and cuts costs. Wearing that radiac yellow teeshirt hopefully will become a daily event demanding testing for ALL IRAQ WAR VETERAN'S which would even include the Enemy forces, Allied Nations and American Civilian and Military.

There IS a test you can obtain to perhaps confirm the level of radiation exposure but that is not my immediate concern as high dosages of Radiation come naturally... I am concerned strictly about the less than 1 micron particles which may be eaten, breathed or become wound particles inside a body. Those particles will KILL on a massive scale and at our ages Ruth and I do not worry... it is the young, unborn and men and women within these contaminated areas who must realize THE PALE HORSE RIDES AND DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST MUSLIM, ATHIEST, CHRISTIAN, JEW, INDIAN, SOLDIER, VETERAN, MAN, WOMAN, CHILD, ANIMAL, FOWL, FISH, PET. All can die and such contamination can be stopped until it reaches the POINT OF NO RETURN!

Cremation of animals, people, insects, fish... etc. will NOT WORK as the particles will be released into the Air spreading WORLDWIDE on the winds.

Burying of animals, people, insects, fish... etc. will NOT WORK as the particles will be released into the soil and water tables spreading all the more.

GET TO THE UNITED NATIONS BY ALL MEANS AVAILABLE. Only the UN Security Council can stop the MALES fighting all over the Globe. WOMEN AND CHILDREN can stop the MALES! Sadly the VETO POWER is in the hands of the U.S. and Allied Nations who must be blocked from using those VETO powers when THEY are the problem.

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042


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