Sat Dec 30, 2006 06:16

There is no doubt in my mind that the RUSH to execute Saddam Hussein who is still legally the President of Iraq, is for three reasons.

1. The official death toll of US forces in Iraq is about to hit 3000 (unofficially probably around 8000 and counting). That milestone will no doubt cause further problems for Bush at home.

2. The only achievment if you can call the Kangaroo Court trial of Saddam and his associates and his subsequent rushed execution an achievment, that the US has had in Iraq is the removal and execution of Saddam.

3. Saddam Hussein's execution paves the way for the US to retreat from Iraq having lost the WAR and destroyed Iraq and over 600,000 innocent men, women and children.

I, like many people throughout the world look forward to the possibility of seeing President George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and their accomplices tried and hung, just like Saddam Hussein, because their "coalition of the willing" or more aptly "coalition of the killing" has murdered far more than Saddam ever dreamed of !!!

We of the Western World live in a world of double standards, run by Governments who continuously lie to the people as does our media. The fact is they all need to be taken out so we can start again. We will deserve what we eventually get for our deceit and our murdering Governments actions. Lets face it, we will be subject to the retribution we richly deserve - 'you can take that to the bank'!!

Perhaps if we string up a few media bosses as well they might get the message.

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