RIP - Brian Downing Quig?
Sun Jan 1, 2006 14:05

by Brian Downing Quig
First Published in the GRAPEVINE January 2, 1995

It is commonly assumed that there is no aristocracy, let alone a nobility, in America. Nothing could
be farther from the truth. In his work, Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts of the
New England Historic Genealogical Society reveals nineteen presidents descended from Edward III.
John Galt (a pen name of a researcher fearing to be identified), in an unpublished manuscript (now in
my possession), The Genealogy of the New World Order, has traced the royal ancestry of George
Bush, which traces from Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, all the way down through George
Bush's 32 presidential cousins!
Sadly, this manuscript may remain unpublished. Galt and I were scheduled to do a 2 hour radio
interview on Tom Valentine's Radio Free America, a shortwave broadcast that reaches 250,000
listeners who are especially attuned to such topics. Just two days before the interview, a fire burned
down the transmitting station. Unfortunately, this fire, which involved no foul play, according to
Valentine, frightened Galt who now refuses to communicate with me or anyone else on these
matters. Nonetheless, I am convinced of the soundness of Galt's conclusions.
I attended the Southwest Genealogical Conference, which met last year at the Hyatt Regency,
downtown Phoenix, during which Galt presented the most controversial aspects of his work to the
top authorities there. Everyone acquiesced to the depths of his knowledge. Several of the attendees
were close personal friends of Gary Boyd Roberts.
Both George Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith) are
descended from the same Pierce family of England as President Franklin Pierce. Originally known as
the enormously powerful Percy family of England, a name change to Pierce was required along with
a quick immigration to America, when their involvement in the failed Gun Powder Plot to blow up
Parliament became known. One of the Percy castles, where this plot was hatched was known as Sion
Other notable Bush relatives include the Grovsner families of England and America, and the Taft
family of Ohio. The Grovsners of England are the Dukes of Westminster who own the most
substantial properties in the City of London --- the banker's capital. Of over 100,000 acres of
Grovsner property, most is in the financial district of London! In America, the Grovsners founded
Nation Geographic. National Geographic is known for sweeping down on the archeological treasures
of the world, especially those of a religious significance, and spiriting them away to the Smithsonian
Institute, controlled by their cousins the Smithsons, also descended from the Percys. Imposing false
interpretations on religious finds is very important to the House of Sion. As interesting as these
family affiliations are, it is the Taft family which turns out to be the most politically interesting.

What Really happened to Brian Downing Quig?
If Brian Downing Quig hadn't been killed this summer, he'd
probably be investigating the traffic accident that took his life.

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