Refusal of Govt Officials to answer questions


Doc            09 of 37    Refusal of Govt Officials to answer
U. S. Government Officials Refuse To Answer Questions On Legality Of The IRS
And Income Tax System
 Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD), Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant,
and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti have broken their written agreement
with the American People and have betrayed the United States Constitution.
CITIZENS. We Now Have A Constitutional Crisis
 It has come to pass that our public servants in the federal government no
longer recognize nor respect the United States Constitution or Bill of
Rights.  With sorrow and resolve, we hereby acknowledge the grave danger
that is upon our nation.  With a unified and resounding voice, the American
people must now speak to our servant government.  We will not forfeit our
dignity to unjust rulers.  The working men and women of America are not
indentured servants, and will no longer toil under this unjust and unlawful
system of taxation in our own land.
 We will not permit arrogant and unaccountable government officials to
violate our most sacred rights to life, liberty and property ... under the
pretense of caring for us.   We are a free people who hold to the rule of
law, and are devoted to the eternal principles of truth, equality and
justice.  As such, we hereby demand our rightful sovereignty as American
citizens and the attendant blessings of personal freedom and responsible
citizenship that are our birthright.
 We the People now demand that the government respond in a recorded, public
forum to our petition for redress of grievances regarding the fraudulent
origin of the IRS and the unlawful administration and enforcement of the
personal income tax system against American citizens.
 Update on Recent Events.
  On Wednesday, January 23rd, after e-mailing a message to Lisa Wright and
Sallie Taylor (two of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's aides), Bob Schulz flew
to Washington DC to hand deliver his January 22nd letter to Congressman
Bartlett.  Bob also delivered to Congressman Bartlett an initial list of 299
detailed questions regarding the fraudulent origin of the IRS and the
unlawful administration and enforcement of the personal income tax system.
A copy of the letter to Congressman Bartlett and the list of questions were
also delivered to Attorney General John Ashcroft and Treasury Secretary Paul
O'Neil.  Copies of the documents were faxed to Lawrence Lindsey, Assistant
to the President for Economic Policy.
 Upon his arrival at Congressman Bartlett's Washington office, Bob Schulz
was informed by Lisa Wright that the Congressman would not meet with Schulz,
would not reconsider his decision to withdraw from the February
truth-in-taxation hearing, and would not keep his promise to make the
Science and Technology Room at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol
Hill available to the People for the hearing.
 It is now confirmed that Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Assistant Attorney
General Dan Bryant, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti have refused to
honor their written agreement to answer the People's Petition regarding the
Fraudulent Origin Of The IRS And The Unlawful Administration and Enforcement
Of The Personal Income Tax in a recorded, public hearing before the American
People.  Please contact these government leaders and inform them that this
dishonorable violation of the public trust is completely unacceptable.
 In an October 2001 letter to Bob Schulz, Congressman Bartlett had the
following to say about the IRS and the personal income tax:
 "Our Country has labored under a federal income tax system that is
inconsistent with the liberty of a free people.  Quite simply, the
government of a free people should not tax the labor of it's citizens, and
it is imperative that the federal tax system not be repugnant (contrary) to
the constitution and its laws."
 In a hand-written, signed letter to Congressman Bartlett, Assistant
Attorney General Dan Bryant made the following promise to the American
People in July 2001:
 "I will do everything within my power to ensure that the Dept. of Justice
will provide appropriate representatives to participate in a congressional
briefing hosted by Congressman Bartlett in connection with the above
referenced matter."
 Why has Congressman Bartlett broken his word to the American People?  Why
have Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant and IRS Commissioner Charles
Rossotti both reneged on their promise to answer questions in a recorded,
public hearing regarding the fraudulent origin of the IRS and the unlawful
administration and enforcement of the income tax against American citizens?
 Why should the American People respect a federal government that has proven
itself unworthy of our trust?
 Could it be that Congressman Bartlett, Assistant Attorney General Bryant
and Commissioner Rossotti have refused to answer our questions regarding
this immoral and unlawful income tax system because  they cannot defend it
on moral or legal grounds?  And like the vast majority of our government
leaders, these men who have been placed in high positions of public trust do
not have the personal integrity and courage to admit this long-standing
injustice against the American People.
 Why have our government officials continued to mislead the American People
about the personal income tax system? Our government leaders KNOW the truth
about the Fraudulent Origin and Unlawful Operations of the IRS. Why do
millions of honest, hard-working and patriotic Americans incorrectly believe
that the personal income tax pays for the essential functions of the federal
government? Why have the politicians, bureaucrats and special interests that
control our government refused to tell the American People the truth----that
not one cent of our personal income taxes go to pay for essential government
functions like highways and national defense?
 Don't take our word on this. Read it for yourself in The Grace Commission
Report, which was commissioned by President Reagan and published in 1984.
The following is one paragraph from the report:
 "With two-thirds of everyone's personal income taxes wasted or not
collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest
on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer
payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before
one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their
 Most of the money collected by the federal government from personal income
taxes goes to pay the interest expense on the multi-trillion dollar debt
that these same government officials have placed on the backs of We The
American People and our children.  IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE TRUTH TO BE HEARD.
 Without the right to petition the government for redress of grievances
then, in practical effect, the people have no rights at all.
 That is why We The People, in 1791, saw to it that the "petition clause"
was placed right up front in the Bill of Rights, in the First Amendment.
 "Congress shall make no law respecting .the right of the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
 Whether we have a written Constitution that protects our unalienable rights
as Americans is now a question. Whether the Constitution is any more than a
piece of paper is now a question. Whether we have a federal government
limited by a Constitution and Bill of Rights is now a question.
 What can be done?  Nothing, if the American People allow a powerful
minority group of politicians and government bureaucrats to disregard our
Constitution and destroy the moral fabric of our society.  Government
tyranny results when the government acts outside the boundaries established
around its power by the will of the people as expressed in written
constitutions.  Governments become corrupt when they are not held
accountable by informed citizens who demand honest and moral conduct from
their leaders.  When large segments of the population become careless,
apathetic or dependent on government, the seeds of corruption fall on
fertile ground.  Over the past 75 years, the American People have allowed
the federal government to gradually accrue vast powers that were never
authorized by our Constitution.  The direct, progressive tax that the
federal government imposes on the wages of all working Americans is what
continues to fuel this insidious abuse of government power.
 On February 27-28, in a recorded, public hearing in Washington, DC, We The
People will prove conclusively that our rights as American citizens are
being broadly violated by a corrupt federal government that no longer
respects our Constitution and the rule of law.  We will present irrefutable
evidence to the American People that the personal income tax system is a
fraudulent and unlawful creation. The government has a legal and moral
obligation to respond to the People. To quote from     Congressman Bartlett'
s recent letter:
 "The constitution that I love and have sworn to uphold and defend grants
citizens the right to petition our government for redress of grievances.  It
is my duty as an elected representative to the United States Congress to
insure that once a petition, such as yours, is properly framed, our
government timely and properly responds."
 We the People are up against an unjust and uncivil government. To achieve
the government reforms to which we are entitled, a critical mass of
patriotic Americans must take a stand for the principles of liberty and
justice, which gave birth to our Nation and our Constitution.
 If Required, the Government Will be Tried in Absentia.

 We The People will put the personal income tax system on trial at a
recorded, public hearing on February 27-28 in Washington, DC. (click here
for time/location and other particulars).  If officials of the Department of
Justice and the Internal Revenue Service do not appear at the hearing to
publicly answer our questions, we will present conclusive evidence
supporting our claims regarding the fraudulent origin of the IRS and the
unlawful administration and enforcement of the income tax system against
American citizens.  We will record the hearing and broadcast the proceedings
in a nationwide live web-broadcast (click here for info).
 We will also present formal legal claims against those specific government
officials in absentia who have conspired to deceive and defraud the American
People, and intentionally deny our unalienable rights guaranteed by the
First, Fourth, Fifth and Thirteenth Amendments to the United States
Action Item No. 1:    Stand and Be Counted.  Millions of honest,
hard-working, patriotic Americans have now learned that the personal income
tax system is a fraud, and that the IRS has no constitutional authority
(except by threat, intimidation and coercion) to force employers to withhold
the income tax from the paychecks of their
employees or to force American citizens to file a tax return.
 Then why do so many of these people withhold the tax and file returns?
Simply because they are afraid. For the most part they are isolated from all
but a few of their fellow believers who are willing to acknowledge the
truth.  Corrupt government officials and their ideological counterparts in
the media and private industry use this fear to keep the people obedient and
in check.  Feeling isolated and intimidated by government threats, most
people are afraid to take a stand unless they know thousands of other
American citizens will stand with them.
 On February 27-28, the American People will stand together and demand that
our servant government respect the United States Constitution and Bill of
Rights.  As a free people, we will permanently remove the chains of this
slave tax from our shoulders.
 Our objective is to obtain at least 1,000,000 signatures supporting the
People's Petition For Redress Of Grievances related to the fraudulent origin
of the IRS and the unlawful administration and enforcement of the personal
income tax.  If you are willing to take a stand and be counted if 1,000,000
other citizens agree to do the same, we ask you to sign a statement of
support for the People's Petition.  Click here.
Action Item No. 2:  Attend the Income Tax Trial If you are an official of a
freedom loving organization, or previously
signed the citizens' Remonstrance or were a delegate in support of the
delivery of the Remonstrance to our national leaders on April 13, 2000, we
request that you register and attend the income tax trial on February 27-28
in Washington, DC.  All others who would like to attend the tax trial are
invited to register while seating is still available.      Register here.
Action Item No. 3:  Invitation to Learned Persons We are inviting any
qualified member of the accounting, tax or legal profession, any qualified
government official, university professors, or any other experts who would
like to participate in the February hearing and respond to the questions
that the IRS and DOJ have thus far been unwilling
to answer under oath in a public forum, to please contact us. Click here.
Action Item No. 4:  Help Us Get The Word Out Please visit our web site and
review the copy of our newspaper ad / flier announcing the February
truth-in-taxation hearing -- click here (517kb .pdf).  Please make copies of
the flier and share them with others.  Help us inform millions of Americans
about the hearing. Also, "Wait to File" your tax return until February 28th,
and you have learned the truth.
 If you believe that every American citizen has the unalienable right to
petition our government for a redress of grievances, please join us.  The
federal government has an obligation to respond to proper petitions from the
American People, and DOJ and IRS must appear and answer the questions on
February 27 and 28.
 Please make the telephone calls and send the faxes and e-mails suggested
here and ask everyone you know to do the same. Let your voice be heard.
Click here .
Action Item No. 5:  What Happens After the February Hearing ?   If
representatives of the IRS and DOJ do not attend the February hearing to
publicly and under oath respond to the People's Petition related to the
fraudulent origin of the IRS and the unlawful administration and enforcement
of the personal income tax system, there will be a mass demonstration by the
American People at the Washington Mall in DC on Sunday, April 14, 2002 to
protest the government's operation of this slave tax.  We will throw 1040
forms into metal drums signifying our refusal to participate further in this
fraudulent and unlawful government tax scam.
 It is now imperative to summon all patriots in this cause for liberty and
justice. It is time to ask all right thinking Americans to stand united and
put a collective foot down against this arrogant disregard for our
liberties, rights and freedoms, whether it be an erosion of our right to
petition the government for a redress of grievances, our right to privacy,
our right to property, our right to firearms, our right to fully-informed
juries, our right to honest representation and voting, our right to a truly
independent judiciary, our freedom from the influence of the "same hands" in
all three branches, our right to honest checks and balances, our right to
the fruits of our labor, our right not to have the government waste the
fruits of our labor under the pretense of caring for us, our right to laws
that do not favor public over private education, our right to home school
our children, our right to have the war powers clauses adhered to, our right
to have all treaties approved by the Senate, et al.
 Please stand and be counted at this critical moment in our country's
history.  What meaning does life have without principle, without justice and
without liberty?
 "The Trilateral Commission [TC] doesn't secretly run the world, the Council
on Foreign Relations [CFR] does."  CFR Pres Winston Lord, Aug 1978 issue of
"W" magazine.
      "We shall use our grant making powers to so alter life in the United
States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union." H. Rowan
Gaither, Chairman, Ford Foundation in testimony to Norman Dodd, the
Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations, 1953. [Buying
Ford adds money to their foundation].
 "We are so grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time
Magazine, and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings
and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would
have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been
subject to the bright lights of publicity."  David Rockefeller, founder and
member of the CFR and the TC, at Bilderberger Global Strategy mtg, 1991.
Clinton & Quayle attended.

We have a Constitution and our Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) that
makes us free.  Right?  Then visit:      Http://
Then take a look at these sites:

  {    Only Notes 1 & 2 are duplicates of previous messages text.  All text
preceding these notes is new.    }
NOTE # 1: This is the NINTH doc in a string of about 37 regarding the Income
Tax, How it was illegally forced upon us, the collusion of various nation
banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe, the Banks of the
USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as the Fed and the
bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist Nation. As David
Rockefeller reportedly said in 1973 when he and others formed the Trilateral
Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by the end of the year
2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist President, he damned well
nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected, it would be now! The last
doc in this series is a plan that was presented to President Bush when he
visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into his hands.  He has not
acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign of letters, faxes,
e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our otherwise corrupt
government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God and Country, Chet.

NOTE # 2:  [  Should you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please
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then it is up to the moderator or owner of the list to remove my access
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 09 of 37.........   End.

Quote:  We are on the verge of a global transformation.  All we [ the CFR ]
need is the right major crisis and the nation[s] will accept the New World
Order.  End Quote.  David Rockefeller: Founder and Honorary Chairman,
Council of the Americas; Chairman, Americas Society; Founder, Forum of the
Americas; Chairman, Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]; Founder
and Honorary Chairman, Trilateral Commission [TC]; Chairman, The
Bilderbergs.  [ How does the 11 Sept 2001 attack upon our country figure
into this?  CLMsr ]


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