The fast is over! 

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The fast is over!  06 January 2002...  UPDATE: The hearings now 27/28
February 2002. [ Were torpedoed later.]
----- Original Message ----- From: Bob Schulz To:
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 3:15 AM Subject: The fast is over!
Day 20 -- IT'S OVER! BOB EATS THIS DAY. We The People have been heard.
 High level DOJ and U.S. Congressional officials formally committed the U.S.
government, in writing, this afternoon, to answer the People's Income Tax
 Schulz & Croteau have first food in three weeks. Schulz heads home on
 Remonstrance hearing to be held on Capitol Hill. Rep. Henry Hyde (IL),
former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is expected to preside.
 Message from Bob to his Supporters:
 "I wish to thank every person who helped in this effort. It could not have
happened without prayer power. This was evident the moment we walked into
Rep. Bartlett's office. Faith in God, Country and the People of this Nation
will ensure we prevail. Again, Thank Everyone. Thank you all."
 Press Release
 We The People Foundation For
 Constitutional Education, Inc.
 2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804
 Telephone: (518) 656-3578 Fax: (518) 656-9724

 July 20, 2001
 CONTACT: Mike Bodine (518) 656-3578
 DOJ and the U.S. Congress Officially Commit to Send IRS Tax and Legal
Experts to Appear on Capitol Hill. Public Hearing to be Conducted by Rep.
Roscoe Bartlett and Rep. Henry Hyde to Answer Citizens' Challenges of IRS
Jurisdiction and Illegal Enforcement of U.S. Tax Law.
 Washington D.C. -- We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education,
Inc. announce that the Department of Justice and the U.S. Congress have
committed, in writing, to appear with IRS representatives in a recorded,
public meeting to officially answer to charges challenging the legal
jurisdiction of the IRS and the enforcement of U.S. income tax laws against
U.S. citizens.
 Department of Justice U.S. Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant and
Congressmen Roscoe Bartlett (MD) signed the written agreement Friday that
commits the government to send their top tax and legal experts to a two-day
September hearing to be conducted on Capitol Hill. These actions are in
response to a proper petition for redress of grievances brought by Robert
Schulz, Chairman of the Foundation. Schulz ended his 3-week hunger fast
mid-afternoon today after having secured official commitment from
representatives of the U.S. Government that his formal petition will be
 Schulz has been in Washington since July 4th on a hunger fast until death,
if needed, to force the government to respond to his legal Remonstrance, a
petition for redress of grievances. These grievances include challenges of
IRS jurisdiction, routine and gross violations of due process by the IRS,
the refusal of the IRS to cite the specific law that requires employers or
employees to withhold taxes and the fraudulent ratification of the 16th
(Income Tax) Amendment.
 DOJ's Bryant is quoted, "The American people are entitled to answers. It is
in our nation's interest that we participate and answer these questions."
 While largely ignored by the media and other government officials, Rep.
Bartlett has stood alone on the Hill (until recently) in public defense of
Schulz's absolute Constitutional Right to petition for redress and be
answered by the government. On Tuesday, Bartlett initiated a formal
Congressional Inquiry to the IRS demanding official government responses for
 Today, DOJ's Dan Bryant agreed to Rep. Bartlett's requirements that the
"congressional briefing-like hearings" be conducted in public and be
recorded and broadcast live. The meetings will have appropriate procedural
controls and security. It is expected Rep. Henry Hyde (IL), former Chairman
of the House Judiciary Committee will gavel the sessions.
 Schulz was "elated that government officials have finally responded as they
are required by both the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and their oaths
of office."
 The agreement, penned on Congressional letterhead, was signed at the
Department of Justice headquarters. Bryant assured both Rep. Bartlett and
Schulz there is "virtually no chance of being overridden on this matter."
Bartlett promised Schulz, "I assure you. The IRS will be there at those
 Schulz continued, "I have met with these gentlemen face-to-face and have
looked in their eyes. I am satisfied they are men of honor. We have cemented
our agreement with a handshake. The fast ends today.
 After decades of obfuscation, avoidance, creative restructuring and
'simplification' of the 9,500-page tax code, the truth is about to be
revealed. The Sovereign Citizens have exercised their Right to petition.
 It is no coincidence that President Bush revealed in this week's New York
Times that the government has begun to publicly discuss alternative tax
systems, including disposal of the entire tax code. The internet and talk
radio have facilitated detailed research, documentation and discussion of
these charges across the nation.
 If our income tax system is publicly confirmed to be without force of law
upon the People, and is truly as 'voluntary' as the IRS so often advertises,
it is highly likely that the government may move quickly to implement a
replacement tax such as a national sales tax. The People must remain
vigilant that one illegal tax is not replaced by another.
 The taxing powers granted to the federal government by our Constitution are
explicit, limited and must be complied with. Since 1787, the mechanism for
an orderly and peaceful transition to a legal tax system has resided in
Article 1 Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. This is a states' Rights
 The day that our government has shunned has arrived. The Sovereign Citizens
have formally demanded and exercised their Rights. We The People have been
heard." [  But see following messages on this noble effort.  See how our
elected officials deliberately lied to We The People. CLMsr.  ]

We have a Constitution and our Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) that
makes us free.  Right?  Then visit:
Then take a look at these sites:

NOTE # 1: This is the SEVENTH doc in a string of about 37 regarding the
Income Tax, How it was illegally forced upon us, the collusion of various
nation banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe, the Banks
of the USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as the Fed and
the bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist Nation. As David
Rockefeller reportedly  said in 1973 when he and others formed the
Trilateral Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by the end of
the year 2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist President, he
damned well nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected, it would be
now! The last doc in this series is a plan that was presented to President
Bush when he visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into his hands.
He has not acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign of letters,
faxes, e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our otherwise corrupt
government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God and Country, Chet.

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Quote:  We are on the verge of a global transformation.  All we [ the CFR ]
need is the right major crisis and the nation[s] will accept the New World
Order.  End Quote.  David Rockefeller: Founder and Honorary Chairman,
Council of the Americas; Chairman, Americas Society; Founder, Forum of the
Americas; Chairman, Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]; Founder
and Honorary Chairman, Trilateral Commission [TC]; Chairman, The
Bilderbergs.  [ How does the 11 Sept 2001 attack upon our country figure
into this?  CLMsr ]


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