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The Income Tax is Illegal.   Pls See: We The People Foundation for
Constitutional Education.  E-mail: Ph: 518-656-3578, Fax: 518-656-9724.
There is convincing evidence that the 16th Amendment was never ratified.
This, of course, is important because it is what the government uses as
authority for IRS abuses. This deals with one of the states that did not
really ratify the amendment, Oklahoma.
 In 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox proclaimed that the 16th
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the income tax amendment, was ratified.
The Constitution requires that three-fourths of the states ratify an
amendment to make it a part of the constitution. In 1913, there were 48
states in the Union, thus it took 36 states to ratify this amendment. The
government claims that 38 states ratified the 16th Amendment, which was two
more than necessary.
 What if three or more states did not legally ratify this amendment? Such
fact would then make the number of states to have actually ratified this
amendment less than the constitutional threshhold. Is Oklahoma one of those
states? Why don't you study that which appears below.
I. The legal necessity for concurrence in legislative acts.
 Philander Knox was Secretary of State back in 1913 and was by law the
public official to whom the States which allegedly ratified this amendment
were to send their notices of ratification. When enough of these documents
were received by Knox, he commenced a review of them and drafted a report
dated February 15, 1913. Therein, Knox noted that "under the provisions of
the Constitution a legislature is not authorized to alter in any way the
amendment proposed by Congress, the function of the legislature consisting
merely in the right to approve or disapprove the proposed amendment." But
having said this, Knox went on in the same report and noted all the various
changes that the states had made to the amendment.
 This proposition that state legislatures cannot alter or change a proposed
constitutional amendment is derived from an establish legal principle which
requires that legislative bodies, when considering any given legislative
act, must agree to the exact same wording and punctuation of that proposed
law. This legislative principle was discussed in a booklet titled How Our
Laws Are Made, Document Number 97-120, 97th Congress, First Session, written
by Edward F. Willett, Jr., Law Revision Counsel for the U.S. House of
 "Each amendment must be inserted in precisely the proper place in the bill,
with the spelling and punctuation exactly the same as it was adopted by the
House. Obviously, it is extremely important that the Senate receive a copy
of the bill in the precise form in which it passed the House. The
preparation of such a copy is the function of the enrolling clerk.
 "When the bill has been agreed to in identical form by both bodies either
without amendment by the Senate, or by House concurrence in the Senate
amendments, or by agreement in both houses to the conference report a copy
of the bill is enrolled for presentation to the President.
 "The preparation of the enrolled bill is a painstaking and important task
since it must reflect precisely the effect of all amendments, either by way
of deletion, substitution, or addition, agreed to by both bodies. The
enrolling clerk.... must prepare meticulously the final form of the bill, as
it was agreed to by both Houses, for presentation to the President.... each
(amendment) must be set out in the enrollment exactly as agreed to,
and all punctuation must be in accord with the action taken."
 A collection of some of the important cases which demonstrate the operation
of this legal principle are explained in this brief.
 Constitutional amendments are likewise subject to this same rule. But with
constitutional amendments, not only must both houses of Congress agree upon
the precise language of the proposed amendment, so must all state
legislative bodies which ratify the amendment.
 II. Short History of How the Oklahoma Legislature "Ratified" the 16th
     On February 10, 1910, the Governor of Oklahoma transmitted to the
legislature the Congressional resolution proposing the 16th Amendment. A
resolution to adopt this federal proposal to amend the U.S. constitution,
H.J.R. No. 5, passed the House on March 4, 1910; see Oklahoma House Journal,
page 457. When this resolution was sent to the Senate, it was amended; see
Oklahoma Senate Journal, pages 458, 464-65. On March 5, the Senate adopted
this amended resolution and sent it back to the House for its approval,
which was done on March 10; see House Journal, pages 541-542.
The resolution ultimately sent to Washington, DC, read as follows: HOUSE
 WHEREAS the Sixty-first Congress of the United States of America at its
first session begun and held at the City of Washington, on Monday the
fifteenth day of March, one thousand nine hundred and nine, by joint
resolution proposed an amendment to the constitution of the United States,
in words and figures as follows, to-wit:  Resolved by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled
two-thirds of each house concurring therein, that the following article is
proposed as an amendment to the constitution of the United States, which,
when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several states,
shall be valid to all intents and purposes as a part of the constitution:

ARTICLE 16: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on
incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the
several states, and from any census or enumeration.
 Now Therefore, Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives and Senate of
the State of Oklahoma in extraordinary session assembled, such subject
having been recommended by the Governor for consideration, that said
proposed amendment to the constitution of the United States of America is
hereby ratified.
You may download a PDF file of the actual resolution by clicking here:
Oklahoma Resolution. This file is 0.5 MB in size and may take a few minutes
to download. You may also download an even larger PDF file (3.5 MB) of the
applicable pages of the Oklahoma House Journal by clicking here: Oklahoma
House Journal.  Portions of the Senate Journal are found here: Oklahoma
Senate Journal. The size of this file is 1.7 MB.
 Many believe (see this brief) that the purpose of the 16th Amendment was to
change the constitutional rule by which direct taxes are imposed. According
to the constitution, direct taxes must be imposed by means of apportionment,
which is determined by the census or enumeration. The 16th Amendment read in
part as follows: "without apportionment among the several states, and
without regard to any census or enumeration." The purpose of this phrase
might be to eliminate the requirement to impose income taxes via the
apportionment rule. But notice what the Oklahoma legislature adopted:
"without apportionment among the several states, and from any census or
enumeration." There are very substantive differences between these two
resolutions and these phrases are the opposite of each other.  Did the
Oklahoma legislature ratify this amendment? It is clear that a state cannot
legally change a proposed constitutional amendment, but it is also equally
clear that this is exactly what the 1910 Oklahoma legislature did. We need
to protest this travesty and we have every right to do so.
 If you wish to acquire more information, contact the author of The Law That
Never Was:
    III. Please, complain about this serious defect to the below listed
Oklahoma officials:


Governor Frank Keating, Room 212, State Capitol Building, 2300 N. Lincoln
Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK   73105 405-521-2342

Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin, Room 211, State Capitol Building, 2300 N.
Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Sec. of State Mike Hunter, Room 101, State Capitol Building, 2300 N. Lincoln
Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897

Attorney General Drew Edmondson, Room 112, State Capitol Bilding, 2300 N.
Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK  73105

contains the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the
Senators. Lt. Governor Mary Fallin is
the President of the Senate (see above address info).
Senator Stratton Taylor, President Pro Tempore, Room 422, Oklahoma State
Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105, 405-521-5565

The House Directory: This site contains the names, addresses, phone numbers
and e-mail addresses for the Members of the House.
Speaker of the House Loyd Benson, Room 401, State Capitol Building, 2300 N.
Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105
405-557-7307, District Address: PO Box 486, Frederick, OK 73542,

Speaker Pro Tem Larry E. Adair, Room 442, State Capitol Building, 2300 N.
Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7394, District Address: 1207 Kerry Drive Stilwell, OK Capitol
Address for all Representatives is:
Representative's Name (from above list) Room # (from the list) State Capitol
Building 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105
The Oklahoma Constitution provides in Section II-3: Right of assembly and
petition: The people have the right peaceably to assemble for their own
good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for
redress of grievances by petition, address, or remonstrance.

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NOTE # 1: This is the FIFTH doc in a string of about 37 regarding the Income
Tax, How it was illegally forced upon us, the collusion of various nation
banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe, the Banks of the
USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as the Fed and the
bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist Nation. As David
Rockefeller reportedly said in 1973 when he and others formed the Trilateral
Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by the end of the year
2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist President, he damned well
nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected, it would be now! The last
doc in this series is a plan that was presented to President Bush when he
visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into his hands.  He has not
acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign of letters, faxes,
e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our otherwise corrupt
government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God and Country, Chet.

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