The Injustice of Income Tax...Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes

Document    The Injustice of Income Tax...Alan Keyes.
39   of   39  Date: 22 June, 2002 10:24 PM
 Income tax usurps privacy, allows the federal government to control income
and paves a path to tyranny.
        Few issues provide such an enduring occasion for political debate as
the question of how to fund the federal government--the question of taxes.
In recent years, we have approached national agreement that the current
system is deeply and perhaps fatally flawed.  Accordingly, politicians have
presented various versions of what they call "fundamental reform."
        But much of the talk of fundamental reform is really an effort to
tinker with the existing tax system in order to help diffuse growing public
discomfort and even outrage.  Few political leaders are willing to consider
the most necessary change because it would involve removing politicians from
the gatekeeper role over income and resources of all Americans.
        Real reform requires abolishing the income tax and returning to the
system our founders intended.  This means funding the federal government
with tariffs, duties and excise taxes or sales taxes, not with the
privacy-destroying income tax.  We should return to our nation's original
 Government Controls Decisions
        Our founders frequently quoted a principle from William Blackstone's
Commentaries on the Laws of England: "A power over a man's resources is a
power over his will."  To control the resource base of a decision-maker is
to control his decision.  But the ultimate decision-maker in American life
and politics must be the people.  And the people cannot be free without a
resource base of material comfort and sustenance free from government
domination or control.  A tax system putting government in control of the
people's income tends irresistibly to put government in control of political
decisions as well.  The founders sought to avoid this path to tyranny.  So
they declared a direct tax on the income of individuals unconstitutional.
        The reversal of that wisdom came during the "progressive" era at the
beginning of the 20th century.  A mentality of class warfare prevailed at
the time, a first flush of socialism in American life, and the income tax
movement was one of its results.  Setting farmers against industrialists,
urban folk against rural, poor against rich, everyone was led to expect that
an income tax would hit the other group harder.  Chiefly, of course, the
argument was that the rich would pay a dis-proportionate share.  What they
didn't tell us was that in this socialist scheme anyone with a private
dollar is suspected of being too rich.
        We ought to have realized that the income tax is utterly
incompatible with liberty.  It is actually a form of slavery.  A slave is
someone the fruit of whose labor is controlled by somebody else.  A slave is
not somebody with nothing.  Rather, he has only what the master lets him
        Under the income tax, the government takes whatever percentage of
the earner's income it wants.  The income tax, therefore, represents our
national surrender to the government of control over all the money we earn.
There are, in principle, no restrictions to the pre-emptive claim the
government has upon our income.
        No American government has seriously pressed this claim on our
income to its logical conclusion--the explicit demand that all income be
handed over to the government and any private expenditures made subject to
government approval   [some members of the CFR are already forecasting the
discontinuance of money and using only a form of debit/credit card in lieu
of cash/money. CLMsr] .  But we are deeply unwise to underestimate the power
of the confiscatory principle in the hands of a government determined to
pursue its advantage.  The federal government could bankrupt the country in
short order, merely by deciding to insist more aggressively than it already
does on collecting the money we have already agreed it has the right to
take.  We must insist on the erection of constitutional protection, beyond
the reach of any Congress or President to override, of the fact that
American citizens own the dollars they earn.  Without such protection, we
hold these dollars merely subject to the government's revocable permission.
        The withholding--tax system disguises this dangerous loss of
control.  One of the effects of withholding is that we don't even realize
that government money is actually our money.  Most of us think that only our
net pay--our actual paycheck--is our money, and what is withheld is the
government's money.  We tend to think this because our government simply
grabs part of the money we have earned.
        I once heard a caller to a talk radio show object to the proposal
that taxpayers cover the savings-and-loan debacle, demanding instead that
the government pay for it, as though the government could pay for anything
without using dollars taken from us.

 Surrender of Privacy.
        The income tax threatens our liberty in many ways, but surely the
most alarming and outrageous is its requirement that we surrender our
privacy by exposing all the sources of our income to the government.  One of
the prudent protections of liberty is to treat the government, which today
seems to be your friend, as if tomorrow it could become your enemy.  No army
exposes all lines of supply and all resources even to its allies, much less
to its enemies.
        While our government is not our enemy   [by damn, this is a doubtful
conjecture. CLMsr]  in the traditional sense, our founders were ever mindful
that liberty depends upon vigilance against the temptations of tyranny.
That's why, if we mean to retain our freedom, it is our duty to maintain
material resources for action that the government cannot control and
manipulate.  But with the income tax, we surrender the ability to maintain
economic associations without the knowledge of the government.
        It gets even worse.  Through government social engineering, such as
bestowing a revocable "501--C3" non-profit status on churches, the
government is able to manipulate the tax system in order to gain control
over our institutions of conscience, character and moral formation.  The
American Revolution itself would never have happened without the courage of
such institutions, particularly churches.  The same is true of the abolition
of slavery and of all the other great movements of conscience in American
history.  These efforts were decisively motivated by principled private
associations. The role once played by those institutions in boldly
challenging us to oppose inroads against our liberty has been gutted.  As a
result of the income tax, we have subjected the entire sector of conscience
to the control and manipulation of the government.  As a result we have
muffled what ought to be the voice of independent faith and conscientious
action in our society.
 National Sales Tax.
        We don't need to improve the income tax.  We need to get rid of it.
Our founding fathers had a simple and clear vision of a citizenry with
control over the money it worked to earn and with the corresponding ability
and independent judgement to exercise its rightful authority over
        Whether to save money or spend it was intended to be a matter of the
sovereign liberty of citizens, who would decide what to do with every
dollar.  Under a national sales tax, this is exactly what would happen.
Only after we decide what to do with our money can the portion used for
purchases in the open marketplace be subject to tax.  The sales tax requires
no surrender of privacy, no confession to the government of our entire
economic life.
        Furthermore, a sales tax would make it much harder to avoid paying
legitimate federal tax without good reason.  Those in criminal enterprises
who have never filed a federal tax return would have to pay the national
sales tax charged by the merchants who provide his goods and services.  When
such a person enters the marketplace to make a purchase, he would pay the
tax just like everyone else is paying.  The sales tax is a more equitable
system, because the incidence of taxation is more evenly distributed
throughout the population.
        But under a national sales--tax system, equity would not come at the
price of giving up control of our money. Rather, a national sales tax would
restore to American working people their control over the incidence of
taxation.  Only the relatively well--off have that opportunity under the
present system because they can hire lawyers and accountants to calculate
the most advantageous tax strategies and exploit arbitary technicalities.
        The most important goal of tax policy must be reclaiming control
over taxation, on which dollars and on how  much of our income the tax
actually falls.  Today, taxation is entirely outside the control of most
working Americans because it is determined by politicians and bureaucrats
and manipulated by clever lawyers and accountants.  The liberating power of
a national sales--tax system is that it would end their control.  Under a
sales--tax system individual citizens would again be sovereign in deciding
how much of their money will be subject to the tax at any given moment,
according to their particular financial circumstances.  Such a system will
give us back control over our money that we have not had in generations--not
since the income tax was   [illegaly I might add..CLMsr.]  imposed.
        And that control will be financially crucial to families.  When
times are tight, instead of praying for politicians to pass a beneficent tax
cut, Americans will have the power to give themselves tax cuts just by
changing their spending and saving patterns.  We already reduce our
discretionary expenditures when money becomes tight, and under a sales--tax
system our tax burden would also become a discretionary expenditure.
        Congress will pass a national sales tax only when the people insist
on it.  To bring this day closer, it will be necessary to turn the attention
of grassroots America to the real tax debate.  That debate is not only about
the rate of taxation and the bloated size of Government.  [  and all the
pork barrel giveways. CLMsr.  ]  It is also about the right to property and
the preservation of our liberty.  Americans must come to see that the tax
reform we so urgently need is not more back--room manipulation of the income
tax and its ever-mutable rates, schedules and regulations but rather its
total replacement with the system our founders intended.
        We must remind our fellow citizens that the income tax is less than
100 years old, and that the nation did fine for a long time without it.  A
national sales tax is not a radical new proposal but is actually a return to
the sensible and consistent understanding of liberty that the founders of
America established.  Returning to a sales tax is sound conservative
thinking, which restores the system of taxation that stood the test of time
in its proven compatibility with liberties of our people.  The republic
survived trials in its early years in part because we had a tax system that
left the citizenry independent enough to successfully discipline its
        America was built by people who, rightly and nobly, used the control
over their actions and resources that a wise political order secured for
them.  The income tax expropriates the independence that made possible
American prosperity, American character and ultimately American
self--government.  By keeping the income--tax, we are inexorably encouraging
moral poverty--the poverty of motivation, of discipline and of
responsibility--that we all sense has deepened in the America of recent
        By wisely turning back to the wisdom of our founders, we can renew
an economic environment of wholesome motivation in which responsibility
makes a difference.  Real tax reform can help us make an historic break with
the servile and passive habits of recent years and begin a new era of
confident liberty.  If we still believe we deserve--and have the
capacity--to be free, ending the income tax is a duty to ourselves and to
our posterity.
Authored by: Alan Keyes, Past Presidential Candidate, [  IS NOT a member of
the Council on Foreign Relations or any other known Anti-American
organization.CLMsr. ]  "Alan Keyes is Making Sense", on MSNBC.
NOTE:  Copied from The American Legion Magazine, March 2002, pages 40, 42, &
Provided by:  Chester L McWhorter Sr, c/o504 N. Brighton Rd, Lecanto,
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 NOTE # 1: This is the THIRTY NINTH doc in a string of about 39 regarding
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various nation banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe,
the Banks of the USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as
the Fed and the bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist
Nation. As David Rockefeller reportedly said in 1973 when he and others
formed the Trilateral Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by
the end of the year 2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist
President, he damned well nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected,
it would be now! The last doc in this series is a plan that was presented to
President Bush when he visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into
his hands.  He has not acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign
of letters, faxes, e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our
otherwise corrupt government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God
and Country, Chet.
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"Gentlemen, Comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost
and perstroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for
outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the
Soviet Union, other that for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the
Americans and let them go to sleep. We want to accomplish three things: One,
we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. Two: we
want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. Three: We want the
Americans to stop proceeding with the Strategic Defense Initiative."
Mikhail Gorbachev, November 1987, in his address to the Politburo, their

     "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged
sword.  It both emboldens the blood, just it narrows the mind.  And when the
drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and
the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of
the citizenry.  Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by
partiotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.
How do I know?  For this is what I have done.  And I am Caesar."--Julius


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