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People, now is the right time to save your nation from the Socialistic (read
communism under a blanket) movement that is racing to its own established
deadline.  You must send this, or parts of it, to every Republican Senator,
Republican Representative,   Please send by Mail, Phone call, Fax, and
*E-mail (*the least effective) as soon as possible.  If you get any response
other than a form letter, would you please send it to me?  I would like to
keep a record of their position on this appeal..I give you my word that I
will respect your privacy. Thank you...For God and My Country, God Save the
USA and our constitutional form of government. Chet.

A PLAN.  This is a plan that I prepared and it was presented to a trusted
individual who said he could get it to our President when he visited here in
Florida.  I have been told that it was given to him and he promised to read
it when he got back to Washington, D. C......
 It is a plan that will guarantee many things.  It will get rid of the
stranglehold that the National Bank has on the throat of this nation.  It
will eliminate the Non-Government Organization (NGO) known as the Federal
Reserve System or the FED as it is commonly called.  It will eliminate the
Income Tax and get the Gestapo organization known as the Internal Revenue
Service off the backs of the citizens.  It will restore this nation to a
sound fiscal footing.  This nation has been declared officially to be
bankrupt by the Congress of The United States and placed in receivership to
the Secretary of the Treasury. (Talk about putting the fox in with the
 I strongly recommend that you citizens of the United States review this
plan, and if you see your way to submit it to the prez as your own, or
whatever, please do so.

Remember: Every penny we pay as income tax does not pay for any services
provided by this huge monster we call the Federal Government.  Every penny
we pay as income taxes goes directly to the private banks that make up the
totally civilian organization known as the FED!  Please send this to all
your members of congress, to the President, to the Vice President, the
Secretary of the Treasury, The Director of the Internal Revenue Service, The
Attorney General of the dept of Justice, and anyone else you can think of
that may produce some sort of response.
 The Honorable George W. Bush, President, The United States of America.  06
January 2002.
 Dear President, there comes a time in every mans life when he cannot set
back on an idea that he feels has deep merit, with the potential for
significant benefits to his country.  I feel that I have just such an idea.
It is so simple that even I find it hard to believe that no private citizen
has publicly presented it.  I realize that some politicians have muked
around with the idea, but they were not serious.  Only sound bites to
impress the ignorant while campaigning.
 Now President Bush, I will continue this document in a fashion, not
necessarily constructed as a legal brief, but as the items occur to me that
need to be addressed.
 President Bush, you have many times addressed the subject of a Stimulus
Package.  What I will propose will provide one that We The People will
clamor for when it comes out in Republican Press Releases.
 President Bush, you have just this evening, said "Not over my dead body
will they raise your taxes" or something like that. [Hhhmmmm, sounds good,
but listen to the word NOT!  Most people heard what they wanted to hear.]
 For me to try to get an idea to you, President Bush, as I am about to
present to you would have required some sort of fanatical action on my part,
which would probably put me in jail anyway, before I even got to say Hi to
our President.
 President Bush, you have more than once indicated that you do not like the
Income Tax, and would like to do something about it.
 Attached hereto, you will find summarized copies of thousands of hours of
research by a very large, and getting larger every day, group of folks, who
have undertaken the effort to determine and document how each state of the
United States, in 1913, processed their review and evaluation of the 16th
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.[NOTE: These copies are
presented to you, the reader in preceding messages as published in the USA
Today "newspapers"]
. This group of people were successful in getting a Congressional hearing
scheduled, chaired by Rep's Henry Hyde and Roscoe Bartlett.         (See cut

The fast is over!  21 July 2001.
----- Original Message ----- From: Bob Schulz To: clmmam@digitalusa.net
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 3:15 AM Subject: The fast is over!
Day 20 -- IT'S OVER! BOB EATS THIS DAY. We The People have been heard.
 High level DOJ and U.S. Congressional officials formally committed the U.S.
government, in writing, this afternoon, to answer the People's Income Tax
 Schulz & Croteau have first food in three weeks. Schulz heads home on
 Remonstrance hearing to be held on Capitol Hill. Rep. Henry Hyde (IL),
former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is expected to preside.
 Message from Bob to his Supporters:
 "I wish to thank every person who helped in this effort. It could not have
happened without prayer power. This was evident the moment we walked into
Rep. Bartlett's office. Faith in God, Country and the People of this Nation
will ensure we prevail. Again, Thank Everyone. Thank you all."
 Press Release
 We The People Foundation For
 Constitutional Education, Inc.
 2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804
 Telephone: (518) 656-3578 Fax: (518) 656-9724
 July 20, 2001
 CONTACT: Mike Bodine (518) 656-3578
 DOJ and the U.S. Congress Officially Commit to Send IRS Tax and Legal
Experts to Appear on Capitol Hill. Public Hearing to be Conducted by Rep.
Roscoe Bartlett and Rep. Henry Hyde to Answer Citizens' Challenges of IRS
Jurisdiction and Illegal Enforcement of U.S. Tax Law.
 Washington D.C. -- We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education,
Inc. announce that the Department of Justice and the U.S. Congress have
committed, in writing, to appear with IRS representatives in a recorded,
public meeting to officially answer to charges challenging the legal
jurisdiction of the IRS and the enforcement of U.S. income tax laws against
U.S. citizens.
 Department of Justice U.S. Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant and
Congressmen Roscoe Bartlett (MD) signed the written agreement Friday that
commits the government to send their top tax and legal experts to a two-day
September hearing to be conducted on Capitol Hill. These actions are in
response to a proper petition for redress of grievances brought by Robert
Schulz, Chairman of the Foundation. Schulz ended his 3-week hunger fast
mid-afternoon today after having secured official commitment from
representatives of the U.S. Government that his formal petition will be
 Schulz has been in Washington since July 4th on a hunger fast until death,
if needed, to force the government to respond to his legal Remonstrance, a
petition for redress of grievances. These grievances include challenges of
IRS jurisdiction, routine and gross violations of due process by the IRS,
the refusal of the IRS to cite the specific law that requires employers or
employees to withhold taxes and the fraudulent ratification of the 16th
(Income Tax) Amendment.  (The Full document is attached hereto)..
 This meeting was scheduled for 26/27 September of 2001.   After the attack
upon our country by the terrorists on 11 September 2001, it was rescheduled
for 27/28 of February 2002.  At this meeting there will be members of DOJ
legal staff, the head of the IRS (a Clinton holdover), and the legal staff
of the IRS, Rep Bartlett and Rep Hyde with their people and other folks of
the US Hse of Reps, CNN and Fox will provide live TV coverage, and live
action coverage will be provided over the WWW.  Repeat, Live Action Coverage
will be provided over the world wide web!  Also Video Cassette's will be
available if folks want them.
 At this meeting/hearing of congress, The Remonstrance will be the base of
it, with supporting evidence that the Income Tax Amendment, the 2nd plank of
the Communist Manifesto, the 16th Amendment to The Constitution of The
United States, was illegally declared to have been accepted by the required
majority of the states as required by the Constitution.  It seems that the
Sec of State at that time, Philander Knox was following the dictates of his
new employers to be, the world bank (Rockefeller, Morgan, Mullen, and
others) in order to set up what is now known as the FED or Federal Reserve
 It is clear to me, after reading the documents which will form the proof
positive, that the income tax is illegal, and should be eliminated by
Congress and the President.
 Now: to the meat of the matter.
FACTS:  The American people are fearful of their government.  They are
terrified of the IRS!;
  The IRS has not ever been able to prove or even submit evidence that a law
has been broken, because they cannot and have never quoted the law when
taking peoples property, or filing a lien thru a third party, usually a
 The President, you,  have openly stated many times that you are not happy
with the tax structure of this nation;
  The Socialist Democrats have control of the U. S. Senate, & damned nearly
full control the U. S. House of Representatives;
  The Socialist Democrats using their very capable, very productive, spin
facilities consisting of strongly leftist leaning "news" Media (Print, NPR,
& TV) with their frequent TV staged appearances are doing an excellent job
of tearing the Republican party and you, our President to shreds;
  The Republican Party is in dire need of something to galvanize the dumb-ed
down, brain dead,  pathetic, John Q Public, who in his apathy does nothing
for his country, hell most of them don't even vote anymore;
  The televised, well publicized, (I have alerted well over 15,372 people
myself & hopefully they even more) Congressional hearings were scheduled on
the 27th and 28th of February 2002, and would cover essentially the world by
TV and the Internet.  It would have surely caused a fuss across the country.
 However, members of congress lied to our people, reps of the DOJ and
Treasury knew that they could not defend themselves so they ducked out of
the scheduled meetings.  Bartlett lied to us when he said the meetings were
scheduled, when fact he did not cause a conference room to even be
tentatively reserved.
 1..You, President Bush, in a public address via TV/Radio, discuss the state
of "whatever",, and during the course of your discussions calmly comment on
the congressional hearings that were coming up in February. Then announce
that you were rescheduling the meetings yourself, and then continue on to
other subjects;
 2..You, President Bush, cause the Sec of the Treasury to comment, via some
media or other, the fact that the Bush Administration is unhappy with the
income tax provisions as they stand and, that the Republican members of
Congress have scheduled future hearings to determine the legality of such
 3..You, President Bush, issue an Executive Order to the Secretary of the
Treasury directing him to direct the IRS to cease and desist any and all
activities regarding the taking of peoples or business's real or personal
property [see the 4th and 5th amendments to The Constitution]  pending the
results of these hearings;
 4..You, President Bush, issue an Executive Order to the Sec of the Treasury
placing any and all Federal income taxes collected to date,  and to be
collected for the year 2002, into an escrow account with all monies to be
returned to the source of such taxes if the results of this Congressional
Hearing does in fact prove to the Government and more importantly TO THE
PEOPLE, repeat, TO THE PEOPLE,  that such taxes as now being collected are
indeed illegal.  Right now we have a government of the CFR, by the CFR, and
for the CFR;
 5..You, President Bush, after the hearings are terminated, and BEFORE
Congress has a chance to publish its findings, (which would probably end up
in the Congressional Register which no one including Members of Congress
ever read anyway), issue an Executive Order declaring that after serious,
and very detailed study by members of your staff,( repeat, your staff, not
the staff of the Socialist Democrats ), of all the evidence presented during
the Congressional hearings, you have determined that the Federal Income Tax
is in fact an illegal tax, that the 16th Amendment was not legally ratified,
therefore the collection of such tax is denied pending resolution of the
dilemma by Congress;
 6..You, President Bush, issue a request to Congress to initiate action to
establish a National Sales Tax, so-called Value Tax, TO BE PAID DIRECTLY TO
TREASURY, Not one of the so called "banks" of the Federal Reserve, Not to
the IRS which is just a funnel to the IMF and the Bankers),   of  7.0% on
the sales of any and everything except, the sale of natural and processed
food items and Prescription medicines to, the consumer.  The sales tax to be
collected on the first sale of an item, and also on the resale of such item
if the resale is done by a person or organization normally in the
transaction of such business. [ 7.0% has been determined by me and a group
of friends during the recent election champaign rhetoric, collectively, as
being adequate to replace the income tax, (and now to maintain our "War on
Terrorism") ]. This sales tax will be terminated upon the declaration by the
U.S. Congress, The President, by a Mass Remonstrance or otherwise
Demonstration by The People, that the war is over.  It will otherwise have a
termination date of 01 January, 2004. (Art I, Sec 8, #12, "To raise and
support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a
longer Term than two Years". The Constitution of The United States of
 7..to the maximum extent possible, publicity on your intentions and action,
roadblocks, delaying tactics, and other problems being encountered must
include informing We The People;
 8..the Republican Party force themselves onto various liberal TV and NPR
programs to keep the people informed of the truth, and not the lies spread
by the left leaning "news" media..Dammit, fight fire with fire!
 1..It is my conviction that most of the Democrats in the Senate and many in
the House are Socialists and will do all that they can to hinder any action
of this type.
 2..That the Republicans in the Senate and House have a very mi-nute
percentage of members who are Socialists, therefore the President must be
selective in who he enlists to help him.
 3..That the President must NOT include in any way in his efforts to save
this country from the Argentina Syndrom, Alan Greenspan or any other member
of the FED, or of any member of the CFR hierarchy, especially Kissinger,
Rockefeller, Volcker, board members of the Trilateral Commission, and other
board members, and others at that level.  It will be difficult with so
damned many CFR members in your cabinet.
 4.. That if you, the President can do this, there will be such a
groundswell, an avalanche, of people to the folds of the Republican party,
as to astonish the Socialist Democrats and put them in a state of panic.  It
will pull the pathetic, apathetic J. Q. Citizens out of their doldrums and
feelings of helplessness, and we may restore the faith of the owners of this
country in the integrity of their government Of the People, By the People,
and For the People. Right now, we do not believe, trust, or respect members
of our federal government.  Right now we fear them.
 5..Article I, Section 8, "The Congress shall have power: 1. To lay and
collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and excises, to pay Debts and provide for the
common Defence.........., but all duties, imposts and excises shall be
uniform throughout the United States;"
 If this idea and plan as presented by We The People is accepted, we want no
personal consideration of any kind, no recognition of any kind.  For God and
Country. Long Live the United States of America! THE IRON IS HOT...NOW IS

We have a Constitution and our Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) that
makes us free.  Right?  Then visit:
 http://www.trimonline.org  http://www.getusout.org
http://www.thenewamerican.com   http://www.givemeliberty.org
Then take a look at these sites:       http://www.dixierising.com
http://www.dixienet.org  http://www.palmetto.org
http://www.southerncaucus.org   http://www.spofga.org
http://www.southern-style.com  http://www.nca.mybravenet.com

NOTE # 1: This is the THIRTY FIFTH doc in a string of about 39 regarding the
Income Tax, How it was illegally forced upon us, the collusion of various
nation banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe, the Banks
of the USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as the Fed and
the bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist Nation. As David
Rockefeller reportedly said in 1973 when he and others formed the Trilateral
Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by the end of the year
2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist President, he damned well
nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected, it would be now! The last
doc in this series is a plan that was presented to President Bush when he
visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into his hands.  He has not
acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign of letters, faxes,
e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our otherwise corrupt
government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God and Country, Chet.

NOTE # 2:  [  Should you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please
send a message with the word remove in the subject line.  If you got this
from a mail list, such as xxxxxx@xxxxxgroups.com  or something like that,
then it is up to the moderator or owner of the list to remove my access
based upon complaints of my material, abuse, or removal of your access if
you request it. ]         Should you wish a copy of a numbered message
(this is the 35TH one)   that you may have missed, please e-mail me off net
for a copy of it and I will be very happy to provide it. Chet.

You may forward this to every member of Congress by using a Mail Blaster
application available on the Internet as follows:
Step 1.  Access your web browser.   Step 2.  Type in the search block:
Step 3.  Click on   Send Batch E-Mail which is on the left end of the
Step 4.  Type in your E-mail Address.   Step 5.  Click on Subject: Type in
the subject of your document.
Step 6.  Click on Message: Now here you can type in your message or you can
paste a previously copied file here.  You can also edit your message after
you finish with the message and before sending it.
Step 7.  Then click on   select a file.  Here you may click on:
 demhouse.txt (Socialist Democrat House Members) or,
 democsen.txt (Socialist Democrats Senate Members) or,
 newsorg.txt (Many of the "anchor" news folks have their email address here
for you to use) or,
 rephouse.txt (Republican House of Representatives Members) or,
 repubsen.txt (Republican Senate Members) or,
 senators.txt (All Senators).
Step 8.  After selecting the group to receive your message then click on
send batch. It will go to everyone listed in the batch.
Remember: Nothing beats a letter AND a phone call.
Chester L McWhorter Sr, 504 N. Brighton Rd, Lecanto, Florida. 34461. Ph:
352-344-9073. Fax: 352-344-9073. E-mail: robertthebruce@naturecoast.net
 35 of 39...    End.

"I do verily believe that a single, consolidated government would become the
most corrupt government on earth." Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1800.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the
argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves." William Pitt speech to the
House of Commons.

"You shall have one world government, whether or not you like it, by consent
or by conquest." Former FDR aide, James Warburg  CFR/TC, in testimony before
the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 17 Feb 1950.

     "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged
sword.  It both emboldens the blood, just it narrows the mind.  And when the
drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and
the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of
the citizenry.  Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by
partiotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.
How do I know?  For this is what I have done.  And I am Caesar."--Julius


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