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MOC Insolent Resp-20 More Congressmen Respond.  More of same: Insolence!
 One month has passed since all 535 congressmen were petitioned for a
redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax. On April 15th,
thousands of letters from constituents were hand delivered with copies of
the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record to every member of Congress.
 Of the 535 Congressmen, 513 have NOT responded to the petition.

UPDATE: a/o 25 June 2002, another 16 have responded with comments bordering
on the stupid, the insulting, and some were totally irrelevant.
 Below are some of the "responses" from the handful of Congressmen who did
bother to reply. The responses are indicative of the true condition of our
 These letters constitute the formal response from our elected federal
officials to the citizenry on one of the most critical issues this nation
has encountered. This Foundation considers it a vital responsibility to
document for all posterity how our leaders responded during this crisis for
our Constitution.
 In our last update, we published the first four letters received back from
Congressmen. During the last three weeks, the People have heard from another
eighteen Congressmen.
 As with the four "responses" from the previous article, each of the
congressmen has utterly ignored the sum and substance of the appeals they
received from their constituents.
 Not one congressmen has acknowledged the record of the Citizens'
Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, much less the Hearing's 537 statements of fact,
supporting evidence and conclusions of law.
 This, despite the fact that every constituent letter that accompanied the
record read in part, "The formal record of the hearing removes any doubt
that this nation's income tax system is unconstitutional in its origin,
fraudulent and abusive in its operation, and ultimately repugnant to every
principle of equal justice, due process of law and personal liberty that we
cherish as Americans."
 The constituents' letters clearly and respectfully ask the Congress to move
to schedule a congressional hearing (requiring IRS and DOJ to answer the
questions and address the evidence of the Truth-In-Taxation Hearing) or, in
the alternative, move to direct the IRS and DOJ to stop enforcing the
Internal Revenue Code as if withholding, filing of returns and payment of
the tax is compulsory. The constituents' letters respectfully requested the
congressmen to let the constituents know, by June 1st, which of the two
alternatives they will pursue.
 Only one congressmen has acknowledged even a portion of the content of a
constituent letter. However, even in this response Senator Conrad merely
directed the constituent's attention to the testimonies offered in April's
Senate Finance hearing on tax "scams" which had absolutely nothing to do
with the issues addressed at the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.
 The letters the People have received from congressmen are marked by
triviality or inferior worth. They also show the MOC's complicity in the
Socialistic Agenda of most of the traitors in congress.  They MUST be
replaced by whatever means is available to us.  Congress is treating the
People with insolence, indignity and contempt.
 As you read what these congressmen have written, keep in mind the
following, which is a brief summary of the full range of grievances the
People formally "nailed to the door of the Congress" on April 15, 2002 --
i.e., the basis of the People's petition for a remedy:
 Using threats of criminal prosecution, financial penalties, and
incarceration, the government compels the People to sign and file a tax
return, effectively forcing citizens to "voluntarily" waive their Fifth
Amendment rights.
The government bases its authority for the income tax solely on the 16th
Amendment, which was fraudulently ratified. When asked to determine the
question of the fraudulent adoption of the 16th Amendment, a federal Court
of Appeals said that was a "political question" for Congress to decide.
 The income tax on labor in all respects functions as a "slave tax." This is
in direct violation of the Constitution's 13th Amendment prohibiting peonage
and involuntary servitude.
 The IRS' daily operating practices routinely deny the average citizen due
process of law.  Legislative jurisdiction is required to tax. The federal
government enjoys this Constitutional power in only a very small list of
geographical areas that include Washington DC. Congress has no legislative
jurisdiction inside the 50 states.
 There is NO U.S. income tax law or income tax regulation that explicitly
imposes the income tax on the general American populace.
 he IRS blatantly disregards the 4th Amendment in violation of the
Constitution by routinely seizing wages, bank accounts and property without
valid court orders or warrants.
 Although they have no bona fide delegated legal authority, IRS Agents are
fraudulently trained by IRS management to create "Substitute Returns" for
individuals who fail to file tax returns. Many U.S. citizens have been
falsely convicted of tax "crimes" based directly on assessment documents
fraudulently certified by IRS agents as lawful evidence of proper
assessments and presented to U.S. District Courts.
 The IRS unlawfully alters its computer records to skirt legal protections
programmed into the tax computer systems and maintains records in ways that
eventually lead to unlawful tax enforcement actions by the agency.
 The evidence documents IRS fraud and abuse including: manipulation of
taxpayers' master files, illegal time-barred assessments, underpayment of
interest owed to taxpayers, illegal levies and liens against taxpayers'
social security benefits, illegal civil penalties, fraudulent certifications
of records and more.
 Even for crimes where the punishment includes incarceration, tax defendants
are routinely denied the right to present defenses based on the
 The deliberate redefinition and misuse of the word "includes" in the tax
code leads the masses to falsely believe the IRS has jurisdiction over
things, places and People it does not.
 As written, the statutes in the USC instruct tax payers to use regulation
Section 861 to determine if their income is taxable. Per the plain language
of the regulations, wages, salaries and even capital gains earned by
ordinary    Americans within the fifty states are not taxable because they
do not arise from a taxable activity that the federal government has
jurisdiction over.
 For your examination and consideration:

FLORIDA: Representative Adam Putnam responded to his constituents Randall
and Maria Giles. He wrote in part, "I agree with you that the federal income
tax system and the Internal Revenue Service are in need of major reform... I
am hopeful that during the 107th Congress we will take up legislation that
will not only improve the tax code but also will vastly improve the agency's
responsiveness... In 1913, the states ratified the 16th Amendment, which
gave Congress the authority to enact an income tax... On April 2, 2002 the
Government Reform Committee, of which I am a member, held a hearing on the
IRS's progress in addressing management issues... fundamental changes are
underway in all aspects of the IRS's operations. These changes will
hopefully provide taxpayers accurate and prompt information to assist them
in filing, paying, and resolving issues in a time and manner convenient for
them... I am confident that the 107th Congress can examine this issue and
implement a comprehensive reform plan that addresses some of your
 Ed. note: Rep. Putnam appears oblivious to the fact that the Hearing record
presented firm evidence of the fraudulent adoption of the 16th Amendment and
widespread unconstitutional and criminal activity at IRS and DOJ.
 Management issues at IRS are not the problem. One cannot "reform" unlawful
behavior by government. Most students of history call this tyranny.

IDAHO: Senator Mike Crapo responded to his constituent Ron Laird. He wrote,
"Thank you for contacting me with your suggestion for simplifying the tax
code... There are currently many tax relief proposals in Congress that
deserve careful consideration. I am dedicated to reforming the tax code to
lower the burden on all Americans and making the tax code fairer, flatter,
and simpler."
 Ed. Note: The Senator is confused. The only simplification needed here is
for Rep. Crapo to tell his constituent whether the People still have a
Constitution or not. His so-called "dedication" to the continued functioning
of the tax system might begin with a review of his oath of office and the
U.S. Constitution. It may help him as well to actually look at the Hearing

TENNESSEE: Senator Fred Thompson responded to his constituents Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Woddle. He wrote in full, "Thank you for taking the time to visit my
office while you were in Washington. The welcome mat is always out for you
and other Tennesseans. I hope you will always include my office in your
plans when you are in the Nation's capital. If my staff or I can ever be of
assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. While I always welcome
your visits to my office, I would also suggest that you click on my web page
at to gain more information about my work and
about ways my office can provide assistance."
 Ed. Note: This is certainly the most outrageous response received from any
All Sen. Thompson has to say is, "Thanks for stopping by." The reality is
this: The People may not have a Constitution anymore, and are witnessing the
real-time "meltdown" of their unalienable rights. Reams of legal evidence --
and sworn testimony of ex-IRS agents, attorneys, CPAs, etc. -- all document
that this nation is being financed by a tax system that is borne of fraud,
enforced unlawfully and administered in violation of virtually every single
protection of the Constitution. In response, all Sen. Thompson has to say to
this is, "Thanks for stopping by."
 Possibly when Senator Thompson returns home he can explain to the sovereign
citizens of Tennessee how the Tennessee legislature could legally approve a
vote to approve the 16th Amendment when:
 1) they violated Article II, Sections 28 and 29 of the Tennessee
Constitution, which prohibits the legislature from voting to impose an
income tax on the people of Tennessee;
 2) they violated Article II, Section 32 of the Tennessee Constitution by
denying the people an opportunity to vote for new state legislators between
the time the proposed 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was submitted
to the state legislature and the time the state legislature voted to approve
the Amendment; and;
 3) they violated Article II, Section 18 of the Tennessee Constitution by
failing to read (and pass), on three different days, the bill containing the
proposed 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

NEW YORK: Representative Michael McNulty, who is on the House Ways and Means
Committee, responded to his constituent Burr Deitz. He wrote, " I am in
receipt of your communication regarding the constitutionality of the Federal
income tax. The Supreme Court has ruled on this issue. You may be assured
that I will continue to support a fair and equitable tax code."
 Ed. Note: The constituent did not ask if the tax was fair or equitable. The
constituent asked Rep. McNulty to answer the 537 questions. Contrary to the
claim, the Supreme Court has not ruled on the issues addressed in the
People's hearing. Rep. McNulty should fulfill his duty as a Congressional
representative by providing citations to support his claims, and he should
find the ways and means to run a Constitutionally valid system of taxation.

TEXAS: Representative Mac Thornberry responded to his constituent Robert
Baker. He wrote in part, "Thank you for contacting me about the IRS... I
agree with you that we need to lower taxes and reform the IRS. Since I was
first elected, the issue of tax reform is one which people have raised quite
often. Last year, Congress past (sic) the largest tax cut since 1981...
While this was a good start, more needs to be done to make the tax system
fairer for all Americans."
 Ed. Note: The issue at hand is not the level of taxes, "reform" of the IRS
or tax cuts.  The issue is the Constitution of this nation. The issue is the
laws and regulations of this nation. The issue is whether the government has
the legal authority to force this tax upon a free People. The issue is
whether the federal government has legal jurisdiction to tax within the 50
states. The issue at hand is the People's rights, liberties and the future
of this Republic.
The People demand that Rep. Thornberry uphold his oath of office and the
Constitution. The People demand that he get the DOJ and IRS to answer these
questions or get them out of their lives. It is time for the government to
do the talking. The People still await his response.

OKLAHOMA: Senator James Inhofe responded to his constituents Richard
Gardner, Donald Huff and Kenneth Grice with identical letters. He wrote in
part, " As I am sure you are aware, I have always been an outspoken advocate
for limiting our government. I believe that the current federal income tax
is responsible for more than one hundred billion dollars in tax cheating and
costs the economy tens of billions of dollars in wasteful investment.
Furthermore, our national tax code is predicated on the premise of voluntary
compliance. Yet nuances, loopholes and other arcane rules make income tax
preparation increasingly difficult. Presently, I am studying several
different proposals to reform and simplify the current tax code."
 Ed. Note: The People all agree that the system is voluntary. What is
Senator Inhofe going to do about the constituent who wants his 537 questions
answered?  As explicitly requested in the letter and Hearing package, the
Senator can either direct IRS and DOJ to stop enforcing the tax code as
though it were mandatory -- OR can schedule a public congressional hearing
and let them (IRS & DOJ) answer the questions as they are required to under
law in response to a proper petition for redress of grievance. The sovereign
People of Oklahoma await his answer. The People all await his answer.

OKLAHOMA: Senator Don Nickles, who is on the Senate Finance Committee,
responded to his constituents Richard Gardner and Donald Huff with identical
letters. He wrote, "Thank you very much for your correspondence expressing
your concern over tax reform and freedom of religion... The problems you
describe are indeed important and deserve review. I very much appreciate you
sharing your opinions."

 Ed. Note: Senator Nickles should have his staff send out the correct form
letter. Regarding the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing -- the sovereign People of
Oklahoma await his answer. The People all await his answer.

OKLAHOMA: Representative John Sullivan responded to his constituent Kenneth
Grice. He wrote, "A few weeks ago, I received a copy of the United States
Tax Code -- all 1,395,000 words of it. As I placed the four huge volumes
that are each thicker than a Bible on my desk, I realized the tax code is
too complicated. As your Congressman, I wanted to let you know that I stand
committed to work to reduce the tax burden on families. Recently, I voted in
favor of "The Taxpayer Protection and IRS Accountability Act." This
important legislation takes a common sense approach to improve the tax code
and the efficiency of the Internal Revenue Service. The legislation will
allow people who make simple mistakes on their tax returns, such as
forgetting to put a stamp on the envelope, to not be penalized by the IRS.
It also allows individuals who cannot afford to pay their taxes in one lump
sum to pay in monthly installments... I strongly believe that Americans are
overtaxed. I assure you that I will continue to vote in favor of legislation
that keeps as much money as possible in your pockets and out of Washington,
 Ed. Note: Rep. Sullivan admits voting for legislation that would impose a
$5,000 fine for even asking the IRS about the so-called "frivolous" legal
and constitutional issues raised during the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing.
The state motto of Oklahoma is "Labor omnia vincit" (Labor conquers all
things). Rep. Sullivan could help the sovereign People of Oklahoma keep some
of theirs. The way to keep more money in the pockets of his constituents is
to start enforcing U.S. tax laws as they are actually written -- the
citizens of his district are under NO general legal obligation to send ANY
income related monies to Washington DC.

MICHIGAN: Senator Debbie Stabenow responded to her constituents Diane
Muhammad and Michael Romanow with identical letters. She wrote, " U.S. tax
laws are found in Title 26 of the United States code. Section 6012 of the
Code makes clear that only people whose income falls below a certain minimum
level do not have to file returns. Sections 861 through 865 determine
whether income is from a U.S. or foreign source -- they do not in any way
exclude income from taxation for a U.S. citizen or resident. If you have any
further questions, please feel free to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or
visit its website at" Stabenow enclosed the document entitled
"The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments." The document is undated and has
no cover page. There is no indication as to who authored it or even whether
it is an official government document.
 Ed. Note: Senator Stabenow should realize by now that this simplistic
rhetoric is not acceptable for We The People. Ms. Stabenow's constituents
respectfully submitted substantial legal documentation and sworn testimony
questioning the legal basis of the nation's tax system. Disappointingly, her
only response is a regurgitation of a few syllables from the tax code and
the phone number for the IRS.
 Senator Stabenow's apparent knowledge of Section 861 should be shared with
the nation; she should review the content of the Hearing record and then
contact Larken Rose ( In the interim, she might consider
the fact that her constituents have observed that the present "system" of
government isn't working the way they learned it should in school, and have
decided to write to her accordingly.
 Her constituents are concerned that men with guns from the Executive branch
are acting without proper legal authority and are unlawfully seizing their
property and their labor. Her constituents in Michigan wrote her a letter
asking for redress and she has chosen instead to ignore that request. Her
inaction is helping to fan the flames of a Constitutional Crisis that may
not have a happy ending.

NORTH CAROLINA: Representative Charles Taylor responded to his constituents
Ed and Kathy Wahler. He wrote, "Thank you for contacting me to express your
belief that the 16th Amendment is illegal... I appreciate you for dropping
materials by my Washington, D.C. office regarding this matter. I am afraid
that I must disagree with you regarding the legality of the income tax.
Although the debate continues as to whether the income tax is the most
efficient or fairest method of taxation, the Congress and the Courts have
consistently declared the federal income tax legal."
 Ed. Note: Rep. Taylor, apparently lacking stomach for such sticky legal
details as are contained in the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record, simply
dismisses his constituent's claims as an unfounded rant having been decided
by the Congress and the Courts.
 Rep. Taylor should be able to cite specific court cases and congressional
statutes for his constituents. The citizens of North Carolina should not be
denied the apparently common knowledge held by their elected officials in
Washington that seemingly has authorized a tax system that is administered
and enforced in clear violation of both basic Constitutional principles and
the explicit language of U.S. law.
 Rep. Taylor also seems to hold out the promise for the People of North
Carolina that the U.S. Government wants to make the tax system even MORE
efficient. Answering his constituents' questions about the specific laws
that purport to have the legal authority to take half of the Wahler family's
income every year under threat of imprisonment and seizure might be a good
way to start.
 The People present two final comments for Rep. Taylor: Hitler was
efficient. Stalin was efficient.

KANSAS: Senator Pat Roberts responded to his constituents Michael Kerner and
David Pflum with identical letters. He wrote, "The sixteenth amendment to
the Constitution, ratified in 1913, removed the apportionment clause of
article one, thereby making taxes on income constitutional. In every period
of our history, there have been people who dispute the obligation to pay
taxes. They claim that filing a return violates their 5th Amendment rights
or that the 16th Amendment is illegal. This information is false and has led
to the financial ruin and prosecution of many taxpayers. Since ratification
of the 16th Amendment, the Supreme Court has consistently upheld the
obligation of American citizens to pay income tax. Rest assured I oppose
unnecessary taxes. I have long supported efforts to lessen the tremendous
tax burden that is shouldered by Americans. However, it is important for
taxpayers to understand their legal obligation to pay income tax in support
of the democracy and government activities.".
 Ed. Note: Senator Roberts is apparently ignorant of one of the most
fundamental precepts of this nation. America's form of government is a
Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The 16th Amendment did not remove
the apportionment clause of Article 1, but (purportedly) modified it with
respect to the income tax.
 Perhaps the Senator ought to explain to the people of Kansas why they
should take his personal assertion that the 16th Amendment carries the
authority of law even though there is irrefutable documented evidence and
sworn testimony that it was fraudulently ratified. NO court has ruled on
this fraud, except to say that it is a "political question for Congress to
decide." Senator Roberts should look at the hearing record to learn for
himself that Kansas' vote on the 16th Amendment violated no less than three
provisions of the Kansas state constitution -- which legally VOIDS Kansas'
vote on the 16th Amendment.
 With regard to the Senator's simple dismissal of his constituent's 5th
Amendment concerns as "false," perhaps the Senator ought to be concerned
about how his testimony in this letter will be used against him by the
sovereign voters of Kansas when it is learned that he personally helped
facilitate the destruction of the Constitution by his ignorance and apathy
on these matters.
 As Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, Sen. Roberts should reflect
deeply upon the meaning of his oath of office before responding to his
constituents with veiled threats, flawed legal reasoning and the general
lack of respect owed given the importance of this issue to both his
constituents and this nation.
 Americans are not against paying taxes. Americans have, however,
demonstrated an historical tendency to take exception to any government that
operates without bona fide legal authority and violates the constitutional
principles that this nation was founded upon.

VIRGINIA: Senator John Warner wrote to his constituents Guy Freeson, James
Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Ogert in identical letters. He wrote,
"Rumors have spread claiming that current law does not legally bind you to
paying federal income taxes. It has been argued that filing federal income
taxes is voluntary because the 16th Amendment to the United States
Constitution was never legally ratified. Some individuals and business
owners have read misleading statements concerning the 16th Amendment, and
mistakenly believe it to mean that they are no longer required to pay income
taxes. The sixteenth amendment to the Constitution was passed by Congress
July 2, 1909 and ratified by the thirty-sixth state on February 3, 1913,
and, declared ratified on February 25, 1913. The sixteenth amendment states
that: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes,
from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several
States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. Tax protestors are
nothing new. Many of the tax avoidance schemes, however, fall along the same
lines as a get rich quick scheme. Taxpayers need to be aware of the work and
potential costs involved in the long run, and consider just how much all of
it really pays off."
 Ed. Note: Senator Warner could help stop all such rumors by getting some
official answers to the 537 questions from the People's Truth-in-Taxation
Hearing. The Senator apparently looks upon his constituents with contempt
for daring to ask their government to answer specific questions about the
actual laws, tax regulations and the Constitution of this nation.
 By characterizing these so-called "protestor" issues as a form of get rich
quick scheme he ignores the fact that most of his constituency cannot and
will not ever get rich -- regardless of their personal toils -- because of
an unconstitutional system of taxation that forever chains them to the
plantations of Virginia. The unlawful "scam" or "scheme" is the one
currently being administered from the offices overlooking Constitution
 With regard to the "potential costs," it is Senator Warner and his
colleagues who should consider the costs of this fraud upon this Republic
and the People's freedoms as they deny constituents across this land their
right of redress as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The
state of Virginia should pray that history not record that their elected
leaders were instrumental in both the birth and demise of this nation.

NORTH DAKOTA: Senator Conrad, a member of the Senate Finance Committee,
responded to his constituent Roy Neset. He wrote, "For years, some people
have tried to argue that the federal income tax system is unconstitutional
or, otherwise, so legally flawed that it is unenforceable. However, whenever
these arguments have been presented in a competent legal forum, the income
tax has been upheld. On April 11, the Senate Finance Committee held a
hearing to discuss the growing problem of promoters who purport to reveal
(for a price, of course) secret knowledge about the tax law that will
prevent someone from having to pay federal income taxes. What we learned at
that hearing is that these promoters generally dredge up old, discredited
legal arguments and pass them off as newly discovered facets of the law.
Among our witnesses was a victim of one of these schemes, who told the
committee that he learned -- after he was indicted for tax evasion -- that
all of the legal arguments based on the "secret knowledge" provided by the
promoter had been rejected repeatedly by the courts at all levels... The
transcripts of all the testimony offered at the hearing can be found on the
Internet at In your letter, you requested a
Congressional hearing in which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the
Department of Justice (DOJ) address the question of the constitutionality of
the federal income tax. I would direct your attention specifically to the
testimonies offered at the April 11 hearing by IRS Commissioner Charles
Rossotti and DOJ Tax Division Chief Ronald Cimino." Conrad enclosed the
document entitled "The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments."
 The document is undated and has no cover page. There is no indication as to
who authored it or even whether it is an official government document.
(Note: Our analysis of the 32-page document will be included in our next
 Ed. Note: Instead of attempting to get official and substantive responses
to his constituent's specific 537 questions from the Truth-in-Taxation
hearing, the Senator (who is on the Senate Finance Committee) chose to
merely proffer the testimony of a convicted tax felon under duress of
incarceration, 32 pages of anonymous, carefully crafted tax propaganda, the
testimony of an IRS Commissioner who needed a presidential pardon for
violating federal conflict of interest laws and a lead official from the DOJ
that reneged on the agency's written agreement of July 2001 to publicly
explain to the American public exactly what source of legal jurisdiction
they rely upon to prosecute citizens of the 50 states for federal "tax
 In planning for the future finances of this nation the Senator should note
the following:
These claims are not new. These claims are very well documented. What is
new, however, is that millions of Americans can now access the details of
the nation's tax system and the inherent deceptions it is systemically built
upon with just a few keystrokes on their computer.
 Again, if the legal questions here are so cut-and-dry as to be trivialized
as "frivolous" and even characterized by the government as illegal
"schemes," why doesn't the Senator just schedule the public hearing and let
the DOJ and IRS answer the 537 questions and be done with this troublesome
 How can asking government questions about the laws be considered a
"scheme?"  How can a Senator who has taken an oath of office to defend the
Constitution refuse a constituent his right to petition for redress as
provided for under the 1st Amendment?

WASHINGTON: Senator Maria Cantwell responded to her constituent Tim
Garrison. She wrote, "Thank you for writing about the constitutionality of
income taxes... without taxation, our government would not be able to
provide critical services, such as military defense, public education,
transportation infrastructure, and public health programs, to the American
people... The Sixteenth Amendment, which was ratified in 1913, made it
possible for all forms of income to be taxed... Some lawyers and historians
have alleged that the Sixteenth Amendment was not properly ratified and
therefore dispute Congress' authority to collect income taxes. Although
President Taft did not sign the resolution that became the Sixteenth
Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled in 1798 that constitutional amendments do
not need to be approved by the President. There are also concerns that
certain states did not properly ratify amendment due to variations of
punctuation, spelling, or capitalization from Congress' version. This
question has come before several Courts of Appeals in recent years, and the
courts have rejected these challenges to the Sixteenth Amendment, ruling
that previous court precedent has acknowledged the legitimacy of the
ratification process of the amendment." Click here to read Cantwell's
 Ed. Note: Senator Cantwell recites a list of "critical services" that
income taxes pay for. However, according to the Grace Commission Report, all
the revenue from the income tax is used to pay the interest on the national
debt and to fund the federal government's "transfer payments," i.e., its
welfare programs which take money from those who earn it and transfer it to
those who don't. And, to make matters worse, even a liberal reading of the
Constitution does not permit the federal government to provide "public
education" or "public health programs."
 The Senator's understanding of the history of the 16th Amendment would
certainly improve if she actually looked at the documentation of the Hearing
record. Her rendition of history as shown by her letter misconstrues very
significant legal issues surrounding the ratification of the Amendment.
 The issue of Taft's signature is not a point of legal contention. The
Senator casually dismisses "variations of punctuation, spelling, or
capitalization..." while ignoring the hearing record which documents
conclusively that there were substantive violations of due process regarding
documentation and certification of many states' votes, mis-recording of
states' votes and states that omitted or added words to the proposed
amendment while approving it.    Finally, the Senator ignores the legal
exhibits showing that many states violated significant and multiple
provisions of their own state constitutions -- thereby voiding those states'
 With regard to the U.S. courts, the Senator fails to inform her constituent
that the reason the courts have "rejected these challenges" is that the
courts refuse to adjudicate the issue of fraud, calling it a political
question for Congress to decide.
 Unfortunately, aside from Senator Cantwell's single fixation on the 16th
Amendment, there are many, many other legal and constitutional problems with
the income tax system. Constituents of Senator Cantwell are unfairly being
kept waiting for her answers concerning the other 14 areas of inquiry
covered during the Hearing.

TENNESSEE: Representative Zach Wamp responded to his constituent Arnold
Cohn. He wrote in full, "I had a member of my staff contact the IRS about
your concerns. Enclosed is information they provided for me. I hope this
information is helpful." Enclosed with the letter was a copy of "The Truth
About Frivolous Tax Arguments," which was undated, did not identify the
author and had no cover page. (Note: Our analysis of this 25 page document
will be included in our next article.)
 Ed. Note: The constituent wrote his elected legislative representative
about significant legal abuses and threats by agencies of the Executive
Branch. As documented conclusively on the Hearing record, this constituent
risks imprisonment, legal harassment and confiscation of his wages and
property if he dares resist these tyrannical administrative and law
enforcement agencies.
 The elected Representative, through his staff, simply contacted one of the
offending agencies and sent an undocumented, unverified, anonymously
authored document (purportedly) from that agency (IRS) to the constituent.
 This response stands as a saddening display of the absolute failure of the
nation's system of checks and balances.

PENNSYLVANIA: Senator Rick Santorum responded to his constituent Mark
Pastir. He wrote, "I understand your concerns of over-taxation on the
working middle class. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have strongly
supported legislation which would provide tax relief to working families. I
supported the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act... During the 106th Congress, I
supported many pieces of legislation which would provide relief to working
individuals and families... In 2001, Congress passed and President Bush
signed into law H.R. 1836, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation
Act... Please consider the following I gathered directly from the United
States Treasury Department. I hope these points adequately respond to your
 The United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1, states...
 The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified on February 3, 1913,
Congress used the power granted by the Sixteenth Amendment of the
Constitution and made laws requiring all individuals to pay taxes.  Congress
has delegated to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the responsibility of
administering and enforcing these laws known as the Internal Revenue Code.
Congress enacts the laws and IRS enforces them.
 Courts have historically held there are no Constitutional or legal grounds
for noncompliance with filing tax returns or paying taxes as prescribed by
 The term "voluntary compliance" means that each of us is responsible for
filing a tax return when required and for determining and paying the correct
amount of tax.
 Failing to file required returns and failing to pay taxes may result in
criminal prosecutions and/or civil penalties.
 While taxpayers have the right to contest their tax liabilities in the
courts, taxpayers do not have the right to violate and disobey tax laws.
 "You may be interested in the following information from the Treasury
Department which responds to a variety of false and misleading arguments for
seeking to justify willful noncompliance with tax law... You may also wish
to visit the following IRS website to learn more about objections to the
federal tax laws:"
 Ed. Note: Senator Santorum is just one of the legions of representatives
who seem to have abandoned their states, their districts and this
Constitutional Republic to take up permanent residence in the "Twilight
Zone." His 4-page response letter stands as evidence that Rep. Santorum
apparently believes that the number of words written is directly
proportional to the amount of truth rendered.
 Although Santorum's understanding of such matters would increase
dramatically if he actually reviewed the legal exhibits and video testimony
from the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing, several of his assertions should be
addressed forthwith:
 #2 -- Even if one ignores all the states that violated their state
constitutions, all the amendment bills in which words were changed, added or
deleted, all the states that did not provide proper certification of their
votes, the deliberate mis-recording of Kentucky's vote (which actually voted
22-9 against the Amendment) and the fact that the Secretary of State Knox
knowingly committed fraud, the ratification date of the 16th Amendment was
February 25, 1913, not February 3rd.
 #3 -- Congress requires all "individuals" to pay taxes. . . . Question for
the Senator: Why does the legal definition of "individual" in the tax law
seem to fail to mention or clearly reference natural citizens living in the
50 states? Such detail would certainly clear up some of the questions
concerning exactly who is liable.
 #4 -- "Congress delegated to the IRS. . ." This is interesting. Can the
Judiciary delegate the power to conduct trials? Can the President delegate
the power to make treaties?
 #5 -- " prescribed by law." That is the question d'jeure isn't it?
What specific law actually says these constituents must pay this tax? Why is
the IRS and DOJ allowed to violate the Constitution to collect this tax? Why
won't Senator Santorum help his constituents get answers about this tax?
 #6 -- "voluntary. . . when required" -- finally -- something the People can
all agree on.
 #8 -- "Taxpayers have the right to contest their tax liabilities in the
courts..." They sure do -- right after they exhaust all their "Kafka-esque"
IRS administrative remedies, bureaucratic abuses, unadulterated threats and
pay any contested amount, in full, in advance, before they may file suit on
a contested tax matter. Finally, the citizen is then free to fully
experience the ecstasy of justice, due process and timely appeal provided by
the federal court system.
 Sen. Santorum: This Foundation suggests you take the tour of Independence
Hall  [ and take note that the historical site is now the property of the
Communist United Nations as part of the UN's Private Land Management,
Historical Preservation, and Bisophere programs ]  so you can begin to
remember what this is all about. Your constituents have access to, and have
hand delivered to your office, detailed legal information about this
nation's fraudulent tax system that is irrefutable, incontrovertible and
remains publicly unchallenged by this government.
 Your constituents and the People of this nation will no longer tolerate the
propaganda and half-truths endlessly spewed out by IRS, Treasury, DOJ and
our elected representatives. Your constituents know better. You know better.
Somebody in Washington had better do something about this soon.

KENTUCKY: Representative Ron Lewis responded to his constituent Nathaniel
Mosley. He wrote, "I have reviewed your correspondence regarding your
feelings on our country's tax laws... In an effort to help you understand my
position, I have included government documents with this correspondence that
outline the federal government's position on the issues you have
consistently argued... As a member of Congress I am challenged with making
sure our tax code is administered equitably. I firmly believe these laws
have been administered appropriately in your situation. Furthermore, it is
my conviction, when you made the decision not to file an income tax return,
you blatantly violated the law; therefore, I consider your case to now by
(sic) a legal matter and for this reason, my office will be unable to assist
you in this matter..." Note: Lewis enclosed a copy of the CRS Report for
Congress, "Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Federal Income Tax,"
updated May 7, 2001. Santorum also enclosed a full copy of a section from
the DOJ Prosecution Manual, Section 40.00 TAX PROTESTORS.
 Ed. Note: Rep. Lewis, who is on the Ways and Means committee, is correct --
these are criminal matters -- but not for his constituent. Although this
constituent must certainly be grateful for the materials excerpted from the
DOJ's prosecution manual for tax protestors, Rep. Lewis is the one who
should be charged with failure to execute his duties as explicitly required
by his oath of office and the Constitution.
 Rep. Lewis states the he is charged with "making sure our tax code is
administered equitably" -- apparently notwithstanding property seizures,
peonage, gross violations of due process rights, trial by jury, the
constitutional amending process, protections against self-incrimination and
other unalienable rights that the Rep. would have the People believe must
be, unfortunately, sacrificed in order to administer this tax.
 Rep. Lewis has had hand delivered to his Capitol office the evidence from
the tax Hearing, from which any reasonable person may conclude that this
nation faces a very significant problem. As was so eloquently articulated in
the movie Cool Hand Luke, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
The People also have a failure by Congress to respond to a proper petition
for redress of grievances, as required by the 1st Amendment to the
 It is time for Rep. Lewis and the Ways and Means Committee to do their
Constitutional duty. Millions know the truth. Millions are not paying. The
problem is growing -- not shrinking. Their continued propaganda,
prosecutions and disregard for the Constitution will not make the 537
questions or the sovereign People of this nation go away.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Senator Judd Gregg responded to his constituent Robert
Seaman. He wrote, "Thank you for passing along your opinions and concerns
regarding the United States tax code.. As you know, Congressman Roscoe
Bartlett (R-MD) hosted a Congressional hearing with regard to the Internal
Revenue Service's jurisdiction and the enforcement of the federal income
tax. This hearing took place on February 27-28, 2002 at the Rayburn House
Office Building... I believe that it is incumbent upon Congress to take a
long, hard look at reforming our nation's tax policy to try to find a way to
simplify and streamline the process, and I am willing to consider pertinent
 Ed. Note: The People don't know whether to laugh with, or cry for Senator
Gregg. He seems ignorant of the fact that his constituent's letter was
actually delivered with the record of the Hearing to the Senator. It is no
small part of this historical controversy that Congressman Bartlett canceled
the government's participation in the hearing in mid-January.
 Even if the Senator's letter is a quaint attempt at black humor in the
guise of constituent service, hopefully the last laugh will not be on his
grandchildren or his constituents' grandchildren.
 This nation faces a growing crisis involving the central tenets of its
Constitution and the freedom of its sovereign People.

A Quote to Remember:
"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the
most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by
repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which
may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."
-- The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America

  We have a Constitution and our Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments)
that makes us free.  Right?  Then visit:      Http://
Then take a look at these sites:

NOTE # 1: This is the THIRTY SECOND  doc in a string of about 39 regarding
the Income Tax, How  it was illegally forced upon us, the collusion of
various nation banks, including The Bank of England, the Banks of Europe,
the Banks of the USA that make up the Non-Government organization known as
the Fed and the bankers themselves dedicated to making this a Socialist
Nation. As David Rockefeller reportedly said in 1973 when he and others
formed the Trilateral Commission, "We will have this a Socialist Nation by
the end of the year 2000."  Well, with the help of our past Communist
President, he damned well nearly did it.  If Comrade Gore had been elected,
it would be now! The last doc in this series is a plan that was presented to
President Bush when he visited Florida recently.  It was put directly into
his hands.  He has not acted upon it. We The People must initiate a campaign
of letters, faxes, e-mails, and phone calls to him and others in our
otherwise corrupt government letting them know of our displeasure.  For God
and Country, Chet.

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 32 of 39   End

     "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged
sword.  It both emboldens the blood, just it narrows the mind.  And when the
drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and
the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of
the citizenry.  Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by
partiotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.
How do I know?  For this is what I have done.  And I am Caesar."--Julius


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